Sunday, March 6, 2011


Bloomy's bubble bursts: New York City voters finally realize -- there's no there there 
NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg that is.
Officials sympathetic to Ann Arbor residents' concerns about noise on Division Street
Comments on this story show absolutely no sympathy either.
Rick Haglund: History doesn't prove that lower business taxes create jobs
A Michigan based business columnist claims to debunk that little bit of neo-liberal ideology.
When test scores don't add up: 32 metro Detroit schools show improvements too good to be true
Cheating, gaming the system, and lies probably account for it.
Ann Arbor Board of Ed picks new superintendent: Patricia Green
To be paid around $300K with benefits included. Nice work if you can get it.
Judge rules Wal-Mart can fire medical marijuana patient formerly employed at Battle Creek store
Sad what federal judges can do.
The Enigma of American Fascism in the 1930s
Why is the human brain so hard to copy?
Good question. A better question is "why do we want to"?
A view of war from main street America: Burying a 19 year-old Afghan war casualty
"Likewise, Brandon’s father and grandfather were expendable. They followed the rules and the system had sent their jobs overseas and left them in the lurch, to fend for themselves. They were expendable, too. No one cared that their lives had been wrecked, their hopes and plans destroyed. They were all three, son, father and grandfather, refugees from the American Dream; stunned wanderers in a world they never made. And their government didn’t seem to care. No one did. Brandon was in the coffin, but all three of them were casualties."