Monday, March 7, 2011


Killer’s return unnerves west Michigan residents
But he's okay as long as he stays on his meds though, so no worries.
Bankrupt Hollywood Video still out to collect late fees on video rentals
One guy had his $2 late return fee snowball into $125 by additional fees added by a collection agency.
Motown legend and ex-Detroit City Council member Martha Reeves admits she's no politician
True enough on several levels.
The fading appeal of Glen Beck
I never could see what his appeal was.
Libya: inside the SAS operation that went FUBAR
Yet another justification for a MYOB foreign policy.
 The Actual Reasons the BATF Smuggled Guns Into Mexico
Incompetence and corruption head the list.
Californian Democrats face the reality of class warfare 
Government employees live, work and retire better than the taxpayers.
Is there a such a thing as a "thug gene"?
That would sure would explain a lot.