Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Wayne State University considers stricter admissions standards
A good idea perhaps if your graduation rates are among the worst when compared to other Michigan public universities, and well below the 49 percent national average.
Boisterous public employee union protesters jam-pack Michigan capitol building
Objecting to legislation to give state-appointed emergency financial managers more power to resolve fiscal crises, including dissolving employee contracts.
Ohio State University's football coach suspended for two games for NCAA violations
Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. Unless you get caught, eh Jim?
The Bully Depot: Breeding, buying and selling Detroit's unofficial canine favorite
"The pit bull might just be the unofficial dog of the city. They're everywhere here — walking down streets on the ends of leashes, peering out of shabby dog houses in neighborhood back yards, barking with a fury from behind iron-barred front doors. They're protection for some, pets for others, reputation builders for many."
The legacy of UK white nationalist Enoch Powell
"Enoch Powell was a great patriot, a man of immense courage and decency. Still he was ignored. Courage and decency are not enough. Victory will only come from a radical approach that tackles the fundamental causes of our malaise. White activists should learn from Enoch Powell’s errors as well as his achievements."
NPR’s CEO Vivian Schiller resigns 
After the release of that secretly made video of that other Schiller yesterday this should come as no surprise.