Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ann Arbor Hash Bash organizer arrested for felony marijuana & firearm charges after raid on his home
"For the last two decades, Brook organized Ann Arbor's spring Hash Bash, an outdoor gathering of marijuana supporters that drew 5,000 people last year to the University of Michigan's campus, where the crowd openly smoked the drug while police watched from a distance." Det Free Press [link]

Ex-Detroit Mayor's legal woes (in re a dead crack ho') just won't go away
Bottom line: Don't hang around with the dope boys and you probably won't get shot dead on the street.
Asia's male to female ratio is dangerously out of balance say Niall Ferguson 
Such gender imbalances have led to violence in the past.
NPR's senior vice president for fundraising Ron Schiller is seen and heard on hidden video calling middle Americans ignorant, racist, xenophobic, gun-toting Christers
Now more than ever NPR needs to be privatized. If people want a 24/7 radio version of MSNBC they should be willing to pay for it.
How can you legally carry a pistol in your car in Michigan?
According to state law unless you have a license you can't. It's a five-year felony if you're caught trying to.