Sunday, March 27, 2011


Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago: The white man’s Coleman Young?
"A fawning media of urban reporters puffed up Daley for years. According to the numbers, Mayor Daley is America’s worst Mayor [and is] leaving [Mayor-elect] Rahm Emanuel with intractable problems."
Moral reasoning in white people: Whites think "universally" in a world that thinks "tribally"
"The problem with moral universalism is that it makes it impossible to develop a similar moral sense on behalf of one’s people. As Westerners, a big part of our psychological baggage lies with post-Enlightenment universalist ideologies. They feel natural to us, whereas reasoning on the basis of what’s good for us doesn’t have any moral standing at all. It’s very difficult for us to get into the mode of 'Is it good for Europeans?' ”