Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sign of the times... Copper thieves and their mischief

Copper thieves suspected in Pontiac, MI house explosion (WWJ-AM)
" 'This is about the fourth one of these we’ve had. The house is vacant at the time, they’re going in and we’ve got a problem with people taking pipes … turn the (gas) meter off, go in and take the pipes. But then they go back out, turn the meter back on, and this is what you end up with,' said [Pontiac Fire Department Battalion Chief John] Widdis."

This copper thievery is really getting to be a problem in Michigan. In Detroit they have rammed cars into power line towers knocking them down in order to steal the copper wire and leaving neighbors without electric for a few days. I think they may have blown the house deliberately to cover up the crime. But who knows really? We're starting to cannibalize our selves just to survive now.