Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ann Arbor school board considering ending bus service for high school students (Kevin Feldschur,
Isn't that what they always do? Cut the stuff people depend on and let the real reforms and cuts slide? 2/3 highschoolers handle transportation themselves and blow off the bus, says the post, but for the ones who need it it's critical. I know it was for me back in the day.

Psy-Op terror strike directed against Michigan governor (Sara Scott, MLive/Jackson Citizen-Patriot)
Somebody mailed in an evelope of suspicious white powder that burned the hands of a mail room guy. Trying to spread terror. Whoever did this is looking at some time.

Ilyas Kashmiri an AQ big-shot has been confirmed as killed by a drone strike  (Bill Roggio, The Long War Journal)
I wonder how long it'll be before the local PDs replace their SWAT teams with armed drones? Too bad about the collateral damage and such, but a big improvement for officer safety, no?

Affordable single-person rocket launched (Chris Matyszczyk, Cnet)
Around $70k. Hmm..that ain't cheap but it ain't that bad either. 

Where Are Libya's Anti-Aircraft Missiles? (Joe Pappalardo, Popular Mechanics)
As the Libyan army's weapons stores were liberated by the rebels back in January and February their stash of man-portable anti-aircraft missiles were taken along with all the other stuff. Where will those missiles end up? Hmm...that could be a problem.

Pranksters Post Giant Windows Logo On Hamburg Apple Store (Todd Bishop, GeekWire)

Antimatter Atoms Trapped for More Than 15 Minutes (John Matson, Scientific American)