Monday, June 6, 2011


A review of Francis Fukuyama's new book  (Steve Sailor, American Conservative)
Diversity weakens not strengthens. You can't separate race and ethnicity from political organization no matter how you try.

The sheep leading the wolves; Nietzsche on the modern state (Michael Kleen, Alternative Right)
"Nietzsche saw socialism as the driving force behind the “perfect State” (der vollkommene Staat), or the State taken to its ultimate modern expression. With its striving for a comfortable life for the greatest possible number, Nietzsche imagined this State would choke the life out of the geniuses who had previously found themselves at the top of the social ladder."

Next year's Steve Jobs bio already a bestseller (Lance Whitney, Cnet)
"The upcoming authorized biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs won't be out until next March, but it's already a bestseller on Amazon thanks to a flurry of preorders."