Saturday, June 25, 2011


Exotic Vietnam war "tunnel rat" pistol described  (Gun Nut blog)
"Tunnel rats quickly discovered that the Model 1911 .45 was not the ideal gun for the job—in an enclosed space its muzzle flash and report would leave a soldier deaf and blind. One solution was the Quiet Special Purpose Revolver, a highly modified S&W Model 29 .44 magnum. The standard barrel was replaced with a 1.372-inch-long unrifled tube, and the cylinder was bored out to accept six massive steel cartridges, each loaded with 15 tungsten-steel shot that developed a muzzle velocity of 750 fps."

The S&W "tunnel rat" special
An interesting notion here but a silenced Browning HP or a S&W Model 39  along with some night-vision goggles makes more sense IMHO. A sawed-off 12 gauge or sack full of hand-grenades would be even better. But dropping bricks of C-4 explosive down the holes from safely above ground sounds best of all.

The odd musical instruments behind classic scifi movie sounds (io9)
I've always wondered about how those sounds were made.

U.S. Rep.s Barney Frank and Ron Paul propose bill to end federal laws against individual marijuana use (New American)
This is how it starts. Like gay marriage, gun rights and other rights we're now on the verge of recovering after decades the struggle begins for public hearts and minds. Eventually the politicians will follow. First they'll feel the heat then they'll see the light.