Monday, June 27, 2011


The redistribution state can't endure (Victor Davis Hanson, NRO)
Hanson's grumpy old guy grousing act is getting kinda predictable but he still has a point. Eventually all these social justice activists in and out of government run out of other people's money to "redistribute". And that's when the trouble starts.

EMU now looking  to establish entire campus as a no-smoking zone (Julianna Keeping,
From the comments @ Ann website: "They should have designated spots for tobacco addicts to fix. Otherwise the EMU police will have to play cat & mouse games of trying to bust them smoking. And, as always, there are the associated problems of suppressing unpopular behavior. Litter, fire hazards, smoking in rest rooms,vandalism, and all the rest. A clear case of the majority acting in an oppressive., heavy handed, ill-liberal manner."

The North Koreans are starving to death (ABC News)
To paraphrase the bumper sticker "you can't fill a grocery bag with nuclear arms". Sad but predictable.

The story of America's founding lumpen (John Payne, American Conservative)
A book review of Thaddeus Russell's A Renegade History of the United States. 
"The cities of colonial and early republican America teemed with whores, homosexual pirates, and illegitimate children; slaves frequently labored less and enjoyed leisure more than free whites in the antebellum era; and the mob is responsible for far more of the freedoms that modern Americans enjoy than are the prudish leaders of the civil rights movement. All that is according to the provocative and revelatory Renegade History of the United States, which Thaddeus Russell describes in the preface as 'history from the gutter up.' ”

Same sex marriages now legal in Bloomberg-istan (Huffington Post)
So now in Manhattan you can marry a person of the same sex, but you can't sprinkle salt on your fries or light up a smoke in the park. The nannies in government have a very skewed idea of what liberty means, eh?

Immigration/Invasion/Demographic News Funnier If You Get The Joke—Which Is ALWAYS On America (Steve Sailor, iSteve blog)
He who laughs last laughs best eh? Hope not.