Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in Cuba for pelvic abscess treatment (Yahoo News/AP)
That's what they're telling us anyhow.

Hackers who got web security jobs as a result of their hacks, crimes and pranks  (PC Magazine)
So crime can pay.

TSA Agents claim they're getting cancer from the scanning machines (Mike Adams, Natural
Didn't the government assure us that those machines were safe?

Field & Stream editors pick the top 25 AR-style rifles (slide show w/comments)
The Armalite AR-10 and the Remington R-25 look pretty nice.

Ex-Ann Arbor city council member Leslie Morris and her husband donate $50k for local park (Mary Morgan, Ann Arbor Chronicle)
Putting their money where they live. I used to live across the street from that park.

Italian-owed Chrysler  can't block sale of "Imported From Detroit" t-shirts and swag as a copyright infringement (Brent Snavely, Detroit Free Press)

The Ypsitucky Rustbelt Revival!: Black Jake & the Carnies (Detroit Metro-Times)
" 'Nothing brings a band together like a crusade though, and the Carnies found theirs when the Ypsilanti city workers refused to grant permits to a festival bearing the name "Ypsitucky," deeming it to be offensive.' People from Ann Arbor call us Ypsitucky when they want to call us stupid,' Miller says. 'But people from Kentucky are like, what's so offensive about 'tucky'? There are a lot of people that came to the town a long time ago from Kentucky with the auto plants, and way back in the day they were looked down upon by everybody else in town. A lot of the young people have embraced it as a hip label for Ypsilanti, but the old people think it's offensive. So the city put the screws to the festival and said that it couldn't be in the park with that name. They had to cave and now it's called the Michigan Roots Jamboree."