Thursday, June 30, 2011


Not yet but getting there
Feral cat population getting to be a problem in Jackson county (Jackson Citizen-Patriot/MLive)

Professional homophobe and ex-Asst AG Andrew Shirvell sure has a lot of gall (Neal Rubin, Det News)
Shirvell pestered, libeled, defamed, and harassed former UM student body president Christopher Armstrong so long and so relentlessly that it got him fired from his job, banned from the UM campus and sued in federal court. Now the tables have turned and Shirvell wants some privacy for himself. Go figure?

Michigan State Senator wants to legalize bigger more powerful firecrackers in time for July 4th (Lansing State-Journal)
Sen. Rick Jones, a Grand Ledge Republican thinks bigger and louder fireworks are okay. The cops, fire marshals and emergency room doctors aren't so sure.

Female "special operators" now accompanying males on combat missions in Iraq (Darlene Iskra, Battleland blog)
"The women are needed in order to complete the mission. The women help by calming the local women's fears, by guarding them so they cannot attack, and by respecting the local cultural norms with regard to the segregation of women and men. But the women warriors can also kick butt when required, now that they are properly trained." But they have to wear hijabs. Three steps forward one step back.

Ayn Rand briefly summarized in a few pithy sentences (Matt Yglesias/Julian Sanchez, and the People's Republic of California fight it out over internet sales tax issue (Declan McCullough, CNET News)

Copyright troll Righthaven fought to a standstill before the courts (David Kravets, Threat Level blog)
Serves them right the assholes.