Thursday, June 30, 2011


Jackson child killer gets 23 to life (Danielle Salisbury, Jackson Citizen-Patriot)
It's worth the money we're all going to pay to keep this creep (AKA Ronald Woodard) locked up for all the decades he is going to serve just to be rid of him and to prevent any further violence on his part. It's a shame it took a death (rather than three previous felonies) to put him away. Good riddance.

MSC rules that school districts can't deduct teacher salary for political contributions (MLive)
"The Supreme Court issued a completely different opinion in late December, just before Democrats lost their 4-3 majority. Republicans agreed to reconsider the case when they took control of the court."
See elections sometimes do have consequences. Unless you live in Wisconsin. Then the elections never end.
Even in safe Ann Arbor, beware of the peril of summer 'beat downs' (Rich Kinsey,
Retired AAPD detective Kinsey gives some good advice here. But ah...if you think about it you really shouldn't wander around late at night while tipsy and get in shouting matches with small groups of assholes in Ann Arbor or anywhere else for that matter either. Just sayin'.

Illegal immigrant tries to swim the St. Clair River into US (Steve Pardo, Det News)
But he's nabbed by two guys fishing who turned him over to the cops. They should let him stay. It takes a lot of dedication to swim in 60 water with just a backpack and a Speedo on. He must really want to be an American.