Saturday, July 2, 2011


Livonia based U.S. Rep. McCotter decides to run for GOP presidential nomination (Det News)
It's hard to see why though.

Anti-affirmative action Michigan Proposal 2 (passed in 2006) overturned by US Appeals court (Michigan Daily)
The usual suspects are crowing about this big victory. Good for them. But somehow I don't think this is over.

Suburban LA counties looking into seceding, form their own state (CBS-TV)
Fat chance of that ever happening but I understand the sentiment. Futile as it may appear  I support all anti-state activity. Was anybody predicting the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1987? Nope, that was impossible. Until in happened.

Recent Ann Arbor shooting over botched dope rip-off begs the question: "When was the last time anyone got shot over a beer deal?" (Lee Higgins,
Enough already. Let people have their dope. Illegal black-market stuff like dope deals breeds this kind of thing. Let's redirect the drug warriors and let 'em get back to real public safety work. Peace and order
first, eh?

Portrait of a "professional activist" (Peter David Blaska, Blaska's Blog)
"Jeremy [Ryan] tells us he is 'vital to the overall movement' because 'I ... make the GOP legislators very nervous. My mere presence causes automatic tension in any committee meeting.' Now, after harassing people in the Capitol for the last four months, the lad is out of money, can't pay the rent on his admittedly expensive apartment. (He does not mention the $3,600 on 15 citations for disorderly conduct.)"
A full-time hell-raiser up in Madison, WI since last January Jeremy Ryan has now run out funds to pay his rent and and other bills and so now is begging for money.  Hope all his friends in the public employee unions and the Madison activist community come through for him. Of course he could always go get a job though, eh? Sheesh. Dipshit slacker.

Living and working in the "1099 economy" (Erik Pages,
"We used to call it 'Free Agent Nation.'  Now, it seems like the new term of art will be 'The 1099 Economy.'   While the names may change, they all point to a phenomenon of rising importance: the growing number of Americans who don’t have a 'regular job'  but instead work on individual contracts with employers or customers.   These folks don’t get the traditional W-2 paystub at the end of the year; they report their taxes with the IRS form"

Google Chrome hits 20% global share as Microsoft continues browser slide (NetWorkWorld)
I'm not sure it's really any smarter to trust Google than it is to trust Micro$oft. Corporations are corporations. A pox on both their houses.