Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sign of the times: Kwame Kilpatrick redux

Disgraced & imprisoned ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick "writes" a tell-all book (Doug Guthrie, Detroit News)
Remember this headline?

Even given that its been co-written with/by his cousin and has been heavily redacted by his legal team and all notwithstanding it might still be a fun read just to hear him explain the lies and spin he dished out for six years. All the perjury, cronyism, nepotism, incompetence, corruption, no-bid contracting and so forth that Kwame, his family and crew engaged in he says was done in order to "empower Detroiters" whatever the hell that means. I find that kind of stuff from the likes of him unintentionally hilarious. Watching this goof try yet again to spin his way back to a good reputation is like watching a pompous ass strut around with a long piece of toilet paper stuck to bottom of their shoe. Mean-spirited but fun, eh?

You know I may even score a copy of this book just for my personal library and which I could do in good conscience because an arrangement has been entered into by the Wayne county circuit court to sieze the profits (if any) from the sales of the book. Kilpatrick according to the Detroit News story still owes $860,000 in restitution.