Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sign of the times: When the well dries up everbody's dry

Obama as FDR Gorbachev: Trying to preserve a dying system (Richard Miniter, Forbes)

Bottom line up front: The trouble with living off government handouts is that eventually the government runs out of other people's money to tax and spend.

Contra the main stream media propaganda fluff President Obama is not the new FDR or LBJ but is actually a man trying like crazy to prevent the demise of a political system he desperately loves and wants to preserve.

"This week’s fight over raising the federal debt limit", says Miniter this week in Forbes.com/, "exposes a key weakness in the warfare-welfare state that has bestowed power onto the Democratic Party: Without an ever-growing share of the economy, it dies. Every vital element of the Democrats’ coalition — unions, government workers, government contractors, 'entitlement' consumers — requires constant increases in payments, grants and consulting contracts. Without those payments, they don’t sign checks to re-elect Democrats."

True that. And the GOP has it's parasites who seek the same sort of stuff when they're in power too. In fact minus out the unions and add the so-called "defense" contractors and it's the same list. Whatever. The point here is that the pie itself is shrinking. And that particular reality is bi-partisan.