Monday, July 18, 2011


Sinkholes under Lake Huron show glimpse of Earth's pre-oxygen past (AnnLee Newitz, io9)
The underwater cameras got some really trippy looking pictures of it all too.

Borders Books, R.I.P (Nathan Bomey,
Once America's second largest bookstore the chain founded and still head-quartered in Ann Arbor, will cease operations immediately and its assets liquidated. A sad day for the remaining 10,700 employees who will be let go too.

How are Ann Arbor Art Fair attendance numbers derived? (David Stringer, Ann Arbor Observer)
BLUF: They "guesstimate" it. Sheesh.

An inventive inner-city entrepreneur battles hangers-on, hustlers and come-ons to earn an honest living (Detroit Blogger John, Detroit Metro-Times)
An amazing guy and a great story. Hope nobody kills him.