Monday, July 11, 2011


Some novel ideas about prison reform (Steve Sailor, iSteve blog)
Make them much smaller.

Adding Star Wars machines to classic paintings (Cyriaque Lamar, io9)
Geeks will love this.

A short telling of some ELF arson attacks by a participant (Mackenzie Funk, Outside)
The teller, Chelsea Gerlach,  is currently serving a nine year federal sentence .

How a well connected real estate developer destroyed a Brooklyn, NY neighborhood using eminent domain laws (Damon Root,
You get the governance you deserve eh?

Around one accident in four is caused by someone dicking around with an electronic device instead of paying attention to the road (Bogen Dorpher, Slashdot)
Only one in four? That's low. I'd put it right around one in three myself.

U.S. Army brass wet dreaming about buying a new combat rifle (Lance Bacon, Army Times)
No word about where they expect to get the money for it though.