Sunday, July 10, 2011


Ex-mayor blames whites and Jews
Detroit News editor and columnist Nolan Finley rips into ex-mayor's blaxploitation/ hate-whitey themed memoir

"In the book, Kilpatrick writes, 'My intent entering office was to empower Detroiters, and my actions heading into my second term suggested we had the ability to do it. And that threatened too many people's bottom line. 'Who on earth is he talking about? You hear this garbage all the time, but nobody, including Kilpatrick, ever names names. And if there were a market in the disintegration of Detroit, there'd be a whole lot more rich people around town. This city has been run almost entirely by black people for 35 years. Kilpatrick was one of them. He was fully empowered, and he used that power to cheat the city and fatten his own bottom line, according to the federal corruption charges."  [emphasis added]

Now that's talking truth to power. I guess Mr. Finley isn't going to be giving Kilpatrick's book five stars on then. As Finley notes in his column it was precisely the white power structure that saved Kwame's ass for a second term in the first place with all their endorsements and last minute money bombs. I wonder how they feel  now?

Ace Detroit News political reporter Charlie Cain dies at 60 (Detroit News)
A sad loss.

Highly touted new DuPont herbicide  suspected in massive summer die off of Norway Spruce, White Pine trees (Detroit Free Press)
This has been the worst tree die off since the Emerald Ash Bore epidemic. I hope DuPont has some deep pockets for this one. More importantly I hope all of Michigan's fur trees don't die. More info on DuPont's  herbicide Imprelis© can be found here.

BATF/DoJ sold, tracked, same guns to cartels they hoped to ban because they were tracked from cartels (Matthew Knee, Legal Insurrection)
What a cynical move even for them. Many people here and in Mexico have been injured or killed by those weapons too.