Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Some final thoughts on Grand Rapids' rampage serial killer Roderick Dantzler (Grand Rapids Press/MLive)
"By sawing off a big piece of his family tree and then blowing his brains out he at least somewhat mitigated the damages he caused. Those women Dantzler killed won't reproduce any further (good) and neither will Dantzler or his offspring (even better). His genes go into the ground with him and won't be passed along. And the thugophiliac skanks who bred with him won't be churning out any more copies of this creep or those like him. Sorry to be so blunt but that's the truth as I see it. Not much of a silver lining but there it is."

Dantzler's final act reminds me of a self-cleaning oven.

* Note: The Grand Rapids Press & MLive both deleted this post and most of the replies to it. Here it is preserved for posterity.

Here are some SFW photos of Dantzler's victims. All were white except for his own daughter who was mixed race.

Yeah, that'll show 'em!: Troy pro-millage group to hold book burning party if library millage loses (Detroit News)

You can be friends or you can do business together as equals, but both? Unlikely. (Taki's Magazine)
"We are not all friends and we are not all equal, so if you want your boss to respect you as an employee, then you have to treat him as if he were the employer and not your friend. If you want to be friends with your boss, then quit. Otherwise he is going to take advantage of you as if you were his friend! But if you want to keep your job, try treating him like an employer; don’t listen to his problems, don’t tell him yours, and don’t call him Dick but rather Mr. Dick! Employers aren’t supposed to care about your feelings; they’re supposed to pay you."

Spending money like a drunken sailor (or soldier, airman or Marine) (Thomas Ricks, Foreign Policy)
The young service people just can't handle families, money or life in general. But they are terrific at war though.