Sunday, July 17, 2011


 A country boy girl can survive. Even in 1980's Michigan. (Ann Arbor Chronicle)
"Now [Bonnie Jo] Campbell has published Once Upon a River, a big novel that--even as its title indicates--picks up some big American ideas. The character who lives on this river is a sixteen-year-old girl, and its watershed is a slightly fictionalized version of the Kalamazoo River's, but it's a river that has been found before in American writing, one we move down both to discover and to move beyond ourselves.

Her protagonist is Margo Crane, a beautiful and solitary child, more at home in a rowboat than in front of a TV (I don't think Campbell ever even mentions television or the movies in this book!). To say that Margo is a member of 'the rural poor' doesn't come near to the place where she lives. To say that she 'lives off the grid' would indicate that she knows what the grid is--she doesn't. To say that she suffers neglect and abuse is to find easy labels for the complexities of her life. Although we know the time period is around 1980, there is no mention of movie stars, of popular music, of the rise of Reagan, of hostages in Iran. One character says to Margo, 'You seem like a girl who was raised by wolves or something.' "

Can Apple survive without Steve Jobs? (CNet News)
Apple never did that that well when it was run by people other than Jobs. I fear for Apple when he goes. And given his health issues that could be any time.

Arrogant bastards. Customer asks for itemized bill, Verizon tells her to get a subpoena (Slashdot)

The final sunset of the British Empire: U.K. Army tells its soldiers not to shoot bomb-layers
It might upset their families don't ya know? (Small Wars Journal)

The bottom line on the New Atheist movement: "They are not hardheaded skeptics bringing the light of reason to the ignorant masses. They’re merely another identity movement for propping up the upper-middle-class booboisie’s self-esteem." (Taki's Magazine)

The Forever War's best new weapon of choice: The aerial drone (Economist)
Because jet fighters and bombers cost a lot to design and build and their pilot's cost a lot to train and because aircraft carriers are just too damn vulnerable to anti-ship missiles these days.

Pirates attacking ships more but succeeding less (Danger Room)
This is the kind of business Xe (nee' Black Water) should have gone into.