Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ann Althouse lists some dining gaucheries she finds annoying
I have experienced just two from her list. I have had fish entrees served with the head and tail still attached and it didn't bother me a bit. And I've had expensive cocktails served in cheap plastic cups which did. Somehow my Bombay Sapphire martini just didn't taste as good. Go figure?

Unprepared and feckless US allies expect the America to pay for all joint military operations (Strategy Page)
Even those like Libya or the Balkans that are in their own backyards. Sheesh.

Osama may be dead, but his long-term strategic game plan is still winning (Danger Room)
That is: Force the US to bankrupt itself playing whack-a-mole against global terrorists threats.

What people really need and want (whether they realize it or not) (Front Porch Republic)
Steady work, stable families, and rooted communities.

Why America’s young adults will continue to leave urban centers for the suburbs (New Geography)
Because urban school districts are terrible and so they don't want to start or raise families there.