Friday, July 22, 2011


You just need this degree and you'll be rich!
University of Michigan business school to offer  Master’s in Entrepreneurship graduate degree (Michigan Daily)
Random thoughts: Can you really teach entrepreneurship though? Is it really worth $36-$50k for a degree like that? Bottom line: A currently hip and cool degree program that will end up being a career non-starter and a student loan debt suck hole after the shiny wears off.

Hitler associate's bones exhumed, burned, and cremains scattered 24 years after his death (Lansing State-Journal)
All because certain undesirable sorts were making Rudolph Hess' grave site into a "must visit" neo-Nazi shrine. Go figure?

Successful robbery of Detroit armored car thwarted because "mastermind" had to boast, brag, strut, tweet, post pictures on Facebook showing off his loot (The Smoking Gun)
Stupid mofo. Should have beat it out of town. Sheesh.

Boing boing blogger tries to help Troy, MI save its public library system (Cory Doctorow)
I fear it won't be enough though. This is truly sad.

Fred Reed says we should all expatriate or failing that move out to a shack in the woods. Again.
And which is kinda what he always says, but whatever. He's fun to read just for his writing style. (Via

An interesting profile of the billionaire mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg (Village Voice)
Third terms in executive offices tend to be disappointing legacy killers.

Maintenance and up-keep of household ceiling fans (Popular Mechanics)
Interesting. Soap and water works as well keeping them clean as expensive specialty products. Go figure?

MA man says he's  cracked the Zodiac Killer's coded messages (Belmont Patch blog)
He seems to have done it.

Metal Thieves: Vultures of a Fallen Empire (Taki's Magazine)
"Pecking at his rigid corpus [of the American Empire] are an unsavory assortment of human buzzards, scavengers, pack rats, hyenas, and scroungers—nearly all of them on meth, crack, or meth/crack cocktails—who busily pick apart the remaining sinew and marrow from his bones."

Yep. All that but it's still a decent way to pick up some easy extra beer or gasoline money too. Just don't take it too far, eh?

Ten things I hate about the right (wing) (Gavin McInnes, Taki's Magazine)
Spot on.