Saturday, July 23, 2011


US Rep. John Conyers draws a serious primary opponent for the first time in decades (Susan J. Demas, MLive)
I don't know if Michigan State Senator Bert Johnson of Highland Park can pull off the upset but it sure would be nice to be rid of that tired, lazy, arrogant, out-of-touch old fart.

400,000 deported from US last year (Politico)
A good start but when you have 12,000,000 or so illegals ICE still has its work cut out for them. By my calculations that's about three percent of them.

"The dogs don't like it" (VDare)
"There's an old joke about a large multinational dog food company that comes out with a new dog food, approved by nutritionists, the sales and marketing staff, the CEO and the board, but which totally fails to sell. The simple explanation, from a lowly employee: 'The dogs don't like it!' "

The anecdote above is speaking of immigration reform here but the concept (as in "the dogs don't like it") sure fits the description of American politics right now. Say "woof!" if you agree.