Friday, July 29, 2011


Hear ye! Hear ye!
Ex-Michigan QB Forcier lands at San Jose State (Michigan Daily)
A semi-talented young man who doesn't give a flying fook about getting a college education and who just wants to play football. Follow your bliss Tate, cuz life and youth are both short.

Robert Ettinger, cryonics pioneer dies at 92 and is frozen (Wikipedia)
He hoped to be revived later on. Ettinger wrote The Prospect of Immortality the original manifesto of the cryonics movement in 1962.

Linguists say they can "out" men impersonating women on Twitter (Slashdot)
About 65 percent of the time anyway.

How Los Angeles lost its mojo (New Geography)
"The machine that now controls Los Angeles by default consists of an alliance between labor and the political leadership of the Latino community, the area's largest ethnic population. But since politicians serve at the whim of labor interests, they seldom speak up for homeowners and small businesses."
Business hating environmentalists are the second edge to this double edged dagger.

Ypsilanti has a beer festival (Eastern Echo)
Who knew? I'd have gone if I had.

Detroit Metro-Times has a story about a Detroit area guy who left Motown to go to Hollywood and become a screen writer. Started out well but turned out to be tl:dnf for me.