Saturday, July 30, 2011


A "monkey-wrencher" goes to prison (Outside)
"Tim DeChristopher, the 29-year-old Utah activist who disrupted a 2008 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) oil-and-gas auction, received his sentence yesterday: two years in federal prison, three years supervised release, and a $10,000 fine." [emphasis added]

He's mainly going to prison because the judge doesn't think DeChristopher is showing any contrition or remorse. Go figure? He probably doesn't feel any either.

MSU medical student accused of multiple instances of animal torture bound over for trial (Lansing State-Journal)
What a creepy mofo. Whatever the outcome of his trial he's not fit to be a medical doctor.

Amy Winehouse was just another junkie says Gavin McInnes (Taki's Magazine)
But a very talented one though in my opinion. But McInnes cuts her no slack at all.

Tell me a that a male astronaut and Navy captain (0-6 grade) who did what she did would get off so easily (
...and I'd tell you that you're full of crap. A male NASA astronaut and Naval officer would have been given a dishonorable discharge and sent to prison.

"During the 2007 incident, Nowak, in a trench coat and wig, followed Shipman to the parking lot and tried to get into her car, then attacked her with pepper spray. Shipman was able to drive away.

Police arrested Nowak a short time later in the parking lot near a trash can where she was seen getting rid of a bag. In Nowak's bag police found the items presented at the hearing today [A BB pistol, 8"bladed knife, restraints, latex gloves, a wig, and pepper spray] and several large garbage bags.

'Almost three years later, I'm still reeling from her vicious attack,' Shipman told Circuit Judge Marc Lubet in court after Nowak's plea, holding back tears. 'I know in my heart when Lisa Nowak attacked me, she was going to kill me.' " [emphasis added]

Ann Arbor hires a new city administrator (Ann Arbor Chronicle)
Steve Powers will replace Roger Fraser. Let's see how this guy does.