Saturday, July 9, 2011


Oak Park women banned from having vegetable garden in front yard (Jon Oosting, MLive)
Sheesh. Look at the picture accompanying the article and you can see it's a nice little veggie garden. Who's fucking yard is it anyhow?

That was fast (Mark Thompson, Battleland blog)
Ex-Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been out of  the Pentagon less than a week and he's already cashing in with lucrative speaking engagements. Why a national grocery sellers association would pay him five figures to hear his views is kinda of mystery though. At least to me.

Terrorist talk of surgically-implanted body bombs is a good sign (Danger Room)
It means that current bomb detection technology is getting harder and harder to fool. It has an odor of desperation to it therefore.

"Regardless of technological capability, a bomber will avoid placing their device in their shoes, in their carry-on property, in the checked luggage, or on their body. What’s left? The only thing left to consider is to place the device internally."

Eureka, Warehouse 13 scriptwriters to ease up on soapy romance bullshit (Scott Thill, Underwire)
Good. And knock off the massive season long story arcs too while you're at it . One-offs are the best way to go IMO, although a few recurring characters are a nice touch.