Friday, August 5, 2011


Man shot by Pittsfield Township police last January commits suicide (Detroit Free Press)
Devin Reddick's short, troubled life ends at 30.

Built in the 1920s.
Historical society seeking to fix up crumbling Irish Hills landmarks (Jackson Citizen-Patriot/MLive)

"The original tower was built by the Michigan Observation Co. on half of a hilltop purchased from Edward Brighton. The 50-foot structure opened amid fanfare in 1924 when U.S. 12 was still a dirt road. Admission was five cents."

The towers are landmarks but it'll cost $300K to fix them up.

ACLU of Michigan takes up causes of those jailed because they can't pay fines (Detroit Free Press)
"Can't" or "don't want to" is the real question. But fines backed up by the threat of jail is the main cudgel that the state wields to bend people to its will. Without that club who keeps the lumpen in line? Just like people that are "judgement proof" are largely immune from private torts tend to become rather feckless what will be the likely consequences if they become "jail proof" too? 

Hillbilly Handfishin' reality TV show on Animal Planet (Huffington Post)
Also known as "noodling" the sport consists of getting into the water near the shore and shoving your arm into the mouth of a big (20-70 lbs.) catfish and wrestling it to the surface. Sounds like some big fun, eh? (Hat tip: Detroit Metro-Times)

America's secret wars in 120 different countries (Tom Dispatch)
Contra the advice of the founders nowadays America does go abroad looking for monsters to destroy.

Living your life: Chicago versus rural Indiana (David Masciotra@ Front Porch Republic)
"Big money and big power cast their shadows over every deal and cloak their silence over every interaction in Chicago. Step outside on the stoop for a cigarette, and the City is with you. Wait on a train platform, and the City is with you. Sit an hour in traffic, and the City is with you. Walk down the street of a gentrified neighborhood, and the City is directing you. Pull a receipt or paycheck out of your pocket and the City is there to take its sizable Per Diem."