Saturday, August 6, 2011


My back yard, a rose in a vase, and Molly
Garry Lillie dies at 70 (Ann
Lillie was an Ann Arbor-based realtor, Vietnam veteran and life-long veteran's affairs advocate who was well liked. I met him a few times and he seemed like a good guy.

Things are bad out there: "You know the economy is in bad shape when customers can’t afford to shop at dollar stores anymore." (Slate)

The end of "right-wing progressivism" (Jack Hunter AKA The Southern Avenger @ American Conservative)
America can't afford to "make the world safe for democracy" or anything else. We're broke, exhausted, and have problems of our own we need to deal with.

Mobile credit card reader app makes a great simple money launderer (Popular Science)
"A simple tool that can turn any iPhone into a credit card machine can also be a simple way for crooks to steal cash, hackers demonstrated this week. Square can eliminate the hassle of money laundering."