Thursday, September 1, 2011

Michigan's mandatory price tag law expires today

As one of his first acts as governor Rick Snyder urged repeal of the law that required Michigan retailers to put price tags on all items on their shelves. Supposedly it's a "less regulation" issue favored by retail business lobbies because, the theory goes, anything that saves businesses money will save consumers money in the end too as these savings are passed on as lower prices.

I personally hate this development myself but I see can see nothing I can do about it except to shop on line, barter and buy second hand more often but which is not always possible or convenient though. As always I ask myself cui bono? Who wants to drag several different items over to the sales counter to do price comparisons or flag down a clerk to make inquiries? Not me that's for sure. Maybe this will all work out well but I kinda doubt it as things stand now. We'll see.