Thursday, January 26, 2012

Attention media big-shots: You can put a show on cable but you can't make us watch it

Ex-Michigan governor Jenny Granholm has a temp talk show gig on Al Gore's Current TV channel now through November 2012 it has been announced.

"The premise [of her show]" says Detroit News columnist Laura Berman, "is that Granholm's inside knowledge of campaign strategy and communications will enable her to provide insights into the process — and the mayhem — that aren't easily understood from outside."

Whatever. As a hugely disappointing two-term Michigan governor and recent migrant to California I seriously doubt that Granholm has that much "insight" to offer viewers on national politics and I fully expect that the ratings she gets will reflect that. The Gore Channel must be really, truly, hard-up for media personalities if they're taking her on, even as a temp.