Thursday, January 26, 2012

The decline and fall of the white working-class American family

From Kay S. Hymowitz's review of Charles Murray's new book on the decline of white society in America published at City Journal.

"In short," says Hymowitz, "America has become a segregated, caste society, with a born elite and an equally hereditary underclass. A libertarian, Murray believes these facts add up to an argument for limited government. The welfare state has sapped America’s civic energy in places like Fishtown, leaving a population of disengaged, untrusting slackers. It has also diminished upper-class confidence: the well-to-do dare not suggest they have a recipe for the good life. 'The underpinning of the welfare state,'  Murray writes, 'is that, at bottom, human beings are not really responsible for the things they do.' ”

It takes a lot of nerve to write stuff like this these days but I suppose someone has to.