Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's smarter to buy "tested,cheap, and plentiful" rather than "untried,expensive, but high-tech"

India is smart to buy an older but cheaper plane from a (French) firm that isn't going to cut off your spare parts and maintenance contracts than the latest but untried and very expensive high-tech whiz-bang model from the US whose spare parts supply and maintenance contracts will be cut off faster than you can say "UN arms embargo" should any real trouble arise. Trouble like you'd need jet fighters for,  for example. This is just smart strategic thinking on the Indians part.

On a personal level that's why it's smarter to buy an ex-Soviet Army Mosin-Nagant bolt-action battle rifle, two ex-Yugoslavian Army SKS semi-auto infantry rifles, and a used but in-good-shape Israeli police surplus Browning HP pattern semi auto-pistol with two additional magazines in a package deal from a used gun dealer all for about the same price as you would have to pay just for one, single brand-new tricked-out AR. Just sayin'.