Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally got a hold of Riddley Walker. But it's tough going trying to read it.

Edition I am reading
I had to send away to the library system of  Kalamazoo to get a copy. The invented language that Hoben crafted to tell his story with is the major stumbling block for me so far because I have to parse each sentence so carefully that the narrative that plays in your mind doesn't flow smoothly along rolling out like a movie in your head. RW reminds me of my high school English classes and the difficulty I had trying to read Shakespeare and Chaucer. Neal Stephenson tried the same thing with his Anathem which I also never made it through. All noble endeavors to be sure but if people can't or won't read your work it becomes mere scholarly article fodder for the English grad students and is largely ignored by what's left of the reading public.