Friday, March 2, 2012


>>>The Ann Arbor Chronicle's Mary Morgan tells us what it is like to live a car-less lifestyle in this town. She does own a Honda Ruckus scooter though. I've often contemplated getting rid my mini-van and getting a scooter too. Kinda impractical if you have kids, dogs, and such though.

>>>I'll bet the problems in Syria right now would be resolving themselves a whole lot differently than they are now if the people there were armed. If they were better armed the rebels wishing to overthrow the Assad family dictatorship would still be taking the brunt of higher casualties and the suffering would still be horrendous, but successful uprisings tend to go that way, at first anyhow. Eventually though, if the resistance is competent and the people are dedicated, the rebels usually win. Bottom line: My druthers would be for America to stick with having an armed civilian population even with the associated carnage that this sometimes entails.

>>>Quicken Loans the Detroit-based national mortgage company has pulled its advertizing from Rush Limbaugh's radio program over his remarks calling a woman a slut because she wants other people to pay for her birth control prescriptions. Sheesh. Given his own history (three divorces and Rx drug abuse) Rush really isn't in any position to be calling other people out on their moral failings in my opinion. I don't want to pay for other people's meds either but that's a matter of politics not a moral judgement on their sex lives.

>>>You can conscript, kidnap, draft, enslave, or otherwise make unwilling blokes join your armed struggle group, but how do you make them serve? Well it depends. This academic working paper I happened on to at the Social Science Research Network website explores this issue. Sadly the author's affiliation and bio were not provided although I note that he has a McGill University email address listed. - "Can You Home Again? Desertion And Control of Hometowns in Civil Wars" by Theodore D. McLauchlin

>>>Ex-Michigander Ted Nugent endorsed ex-Michigander Mitt Romney in the Michigan primary election it seems. Sheesh. Nugent and Romney both moved on to greener pastures a while ago and so their Michigan bona fides are a little weak these days. More than a little actually.