Sunday, March 4, 2012


>>> The real reason the BBC and other establishment media outlets feel free to hate on Christianity but largely leave Judaism and Islam alone? Fear, pure and simple. Oh sure, Jews and some Christians will bitch, whine, kvetch, and complain about being dissed, but offended Muslims will riot, set off car-bombs,  kidnap and/or behead you (and do it on video and post it on the web to boot!) if you dare disrespect Islam (in their opinion) in any way at all. And they never forgive or forget either. (Just ask Salmon Rushdie). But not Jews or Christians though. They just embrace the suck and try to shrug it off.

>>> The final answer to the nervous nannies: If a riot or natural disaster hits your part of the world you will find out for positively sure the answer to the Sarah Brady's of this world question as to "what do you need an assault rifle for?" Hint: It wont' be for fending off imaginary threats like vampires or zombies, or survival hunting for rabbits and squirrels, nor for driving off coyotes or feral dogs although it can be used for that too.

>>> Money spent on real estate is consumption not investmentSee What $890,000 Buys In A Housing Bubble And After The Bubble Pops The homes featured in the Business Insider article linked above are in Vancouver, B.C., Canada a former hotbed of real estate speculation that has cooled down some and are priced in Canadian dollars as well, but even so the prices are just off the wall nuts.