Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cops bust into prepper's survival bunker after a siege lasting less than a day

Twenty-two hours to be exact, says this report. It took Mr. Survivalist eight friggin' years to dig out and equip his redoubt in the hills of Washington state too. Presumably Mr. Survivalist intended this bunker to enable him to survive nuclear war, economic collapse, or whatever other form TEOTWAWKI takes.  But it took a police SWAT team under a day to bust inside. And according to the news story from the Seattle P-I the cops spent a large amount of that 22 hours surrounding the place and trying to get him to surrender.  Of course they did have to use explosives to enter and all, but still I would have expected this guy's own personally constructed Alamo to hold out a lot longer than that. Instead he just gave up and shot himself.