Saturday, May 5, 2012

If you're considering going ex-pat you should probably take Belize off your list of places to emigrate to

John McAfee, the millionaire anti-virus software company founder, claims that he has been continually shaken down for bribes and payoffs by the local politicians and cops since he moved down there CNet News is reporting.

McAffee claims that the local politicos and their minions on the police force are hitting him up for money in return for not raiding his home. McAffee's home has been raided by the Belizian cops at least four times he claims. McAffee  also claims the cops shot his dog during their last raid on his home the result of which he now faces illegal weapons possession and among other charges.

I think that this information might be a good reason to take that particular Turd-World location off my potential ex-pat list if it were me, Belize's great beaches and cheap real estate notwithstanding.