Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2012

Dr. John W. Porter's obituary [Eastern Echo, Detroit Free Press]'s demise predicted yet again [24/7 Wall St.]
 LA county sheriff accused of arming his political allies [LA Weekly] 
It's nearly impossible to get a CPL in the Golden State without political connections. Used to be like that in MI too.
The British plot to assassinate Rasputin [io9]
British military decline 1919-1939 [Small Wars Journal]
The uncannily accurate depiction of the meth trade in Breaking Bad [New Yorker]
They finally admit it: Jews do control the American media [Times of Israel]
Star Wars fans restore Luke Skywalker's house in Tunisia [Inhabitat] 
What Detroit really needs is more Whole Foods™ markets [Salon]
More brainfarts from clueless do-gooders
The forgotten lessons of the 2002 D.C. sniper rampage [James Brovard]
New compounds coax HIV out of hiding so it can be eliminated [Ars Technica] 
What's outer-space smell like? Burned steak, gunpowder, and raspberries [Discover]
How to pitch anything in 15 seconds (video) [Forbes]
Polygamy is a seriously destabilizing social practice [U of British Columbia]
Modern elites use environmental, zoning laws to build a wall around themselves [Bloomberg]
China's days of manufacturing hegemony are about to end [Forbes]
Former astronaut Dr. Sally Ride dies at 61 [NY Times]