Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 2012

08-22-1992 remembered: The twentieth anniversary of the Ruby Ridge Massacre [Jim Brovard]
Don't trap us all in a "Database of Ruin" [Harvard Business Review]
Money has no country: The plutocrats that run America now [American Conservative]
Brain hacking w/cheap, available hardware [TechCrunch]
Glenn Greenwald's review of Compliance [Guardian]
Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies [NY Times]
Burning Man jumped the shark a while ago  [LA Weekly]
Why clever password tricks don't work any more [Lifehacker]
Photos from 1858 of the last Napoleonic war veterans [Retronaut]
Novelist & bookseller Larry McMurtry does a final book sale [NY Review of Books]
How government/NGO social services can ruin a neighborhood [City Journal]
What's with these non-LE fed agencies going on ammo buying binges? [Business Insider]
Talking back to the voices in your head [The American Scholar]
In the real world Apple products go kablooey just like all the rest [Cnet]
The current state of psychedelic drug research (video) [Dr. David Nichols]
Is there a traffic cam serial killer in Newark? [From the Trenches]
The American people are tired of wars [James J. Baker III]
DIY body augmentation hacks [The Verge]
War plan noodling about COIN ops in the US [SmallWarsJournal]
ID required to buy stuff with $100 and $50 bills now? []
How to make your own self-defense pepper spray []
Steve Wozniak doesn't trust the cloud [Forbes]
What Vikings really looked like [ScienceNordic]
The mystery of Charles Dickens [NY Review of Books]
eBay to start same day delivery service [TechCrunch]
A nicer way to keep cats off of your keyboard [The Kitt-in-box]
Jonah Lehrer: the fall of a hipster intellectual [UK Telegraph] 
1% of published research papers are fraudulent. (i.e. 20k per year) [Nature]
Gore Vidal dies at 86 [WSJ]