Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Observations: Oct. 31- Nov. 05, 2012

"In view of the fact that an ever-encroaching federal colossus has for decades been methodically sapping personal sovereignty and self-sufficiency away from its subjects, I find a perhaps naïve degree of comfort in the fact that some citizens are seizing the power back into their own hands, where it has always belonged."
- Jim Goad @ Taki's Mag

Gov. Chris Christie clowning it up on SNL while thousands still living in ruins
Borough of Queens pushed to the brink...'We are living like animals'...
Sandy is backlashing on Obama after he promised quick aid to victims
Sandy refugees complain of "prison-like conditions" at FEMA tent camps
Hurricane Sandy: New Yorkers arm themselves to fend off looters, criminals
 Hurricane Sandy: No rat exodus from NYC's flooded subways; likely most drowned