Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 2012

Mean people tend to be more attractive
Soldiers who enlist on moral waivers -- more trouble in peace, but better at war? 
  "Are we living in the Hunger Games"?: The power and wealth of DC
  The American Hipster: Living in the age of irony
Indian government hangs 2008 Mumbai terror attack perp M.A. Kasab 
Gene pool now has more unintelligent genes in it because it doesn’t take as much intelligence to survive as it used to
Death In June
Armed drones to patrol American highways by 2025
What would happen if the police just went away?
The last free place in America: The Slabs
The coming EBT riots: What will happen when government entitlements stop? 
"I was David Petraeus's bitch in the 90's and hated every minute of it"
Taliban operative accidentally CCs everybody on its email list 
CIA director's downfall illustrates scope of fed's email snooping abilities
UK fining, jailing people for Twitter, Face Book, email posts
Law student asks Facebook for all its data on him: Gets back a 1000 page pdf
A blog showing what would have been if Sartre had been a blogger
A simple DIY drip coffee maker you can build for about 10¢
How to devise passwords that aren't easily hacked  
An example of why most class action law suits  are a joke
 You can't lose your privacy to Big Brother because you already lost it decades ago
Inventor develops license plate frame that defeats red light cameras  
L.A. porn stars on average have more STDs than do Nevada hookers  
Sweden pays unemployed youth to move to Norway
Seattle's ‘Creepy Cameraman’ pushes the limits on public surveillance 
Graffiti artist Banksy's reputation is diminished when a number of his most famous works failed to sell at auction recently
SCOTUS hears oral arguments in Kirtsaeng vs. Wiley: Decision next spring