Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 2012

Photographic image of the ice berg that sank Titanic [Retronaut]
Charles Murray's Coming Apart vindicated [iSteve, NYT]
Why America's Internet access is slow, expensive, and retarding economic growth [DCJ]
The science of bicycle theft [Popular Science]
Foxconn factory (Macs, iPhones) closed after huge brawl involving 2000+ workers [BI]
On Hans-Herman Hoppe - The Last Paleo-libertarian [John Derbyshire]
The degradation of the white working-class by US elite media [Rod Dreher]
Top 20 hipster neighborhoods in the US [Forbes]
Nordic welfare state only works with Nordic culture & demographics [Nima Sanandaji]
NJ bans "wide smiles" & glasses on DL pics cuz they hamper facial recognition []
Google Street View captures man in Detroit pointing gun at passing traffic [Detroit News]
Global food shortages, huge price increases next big crisis [Complex Systems Institute] [pdf]
The fake marijuana industry is coming down from a three year high [New Times]
Are political parties about ideology or power? Yes. [Gary Jason]
How America became Israel [Andrew Bacevich]
Possible grave site of Richard III found in Leicester [BBC]
 Dr. Thomas Szasz, M.D. has died
"First they came for the elephants...": Some old but apt Soviet humor [Agitator]
Study says illegal file-sharers are detected & and being monitored within 3 hours [BBC]
Novelist Salman Rushdie reflects on living with a fatwa past 23 years [New Yorker]
Nowadays American politicians deny any limits on their power [reason]
How claw crane machine arcade games are rigged against you [Quora]
The reactionary Rousseau [Bertrand de Jouvenel]
A tablet holder that's cool enough for hipsters [Cult of Mac]
Bill Clinton's DNC speech a last-ditch attempt to recover white working-class voters for Obama [Joel Kotkin]
BS story about "printable guns" [C/net]
Restoring an heirloom axe [Art of Manliness]
The plutocratic insurgency [Nils Gilman]
Surviving America's coming race war [Matt Bracken]
Google patents profit-maximizing "dynamic pricing" [US Patent Office]
Anonymous says it hacked the FBI and got 12million iPad & iPhone user IDs [PC Magazine]
These days, reservists are just soldiers who get laid off between deployments [Tom Ricks]
Bruce Willis May Sue Apple Over Right To Bequeath His iTunes Library [Forbes]
Afghan soldiers shooting them is now the leading cause of death for US forces [Danger Room] 
How to be a genius: The Apple Genius training manual [Gizmodo]
Lab creates cyborg flesh that's half man half machine [ExtremeTech]
Snark is the universal solvent of cultural conversation [John Barnes]