Monday, October 1, 2012

October 2012

"White Guilt" has peaked
App tells when to go pee during movies and not miss much
Neanderthals looked just like Chuck Norris say UK anthropologists
Narquitectura: Photos from inside the fortified homes of Mexico’s drug lords
Questioning Arendt 's "banality of evil" idea
Is prescribing ADHD drugs to help get better grades ethical?
L.A.'s Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy: The longer the name the worse the school tends to be
Lakota actor/activist/politician/hooligan Russell Means has died
Former Senator George McGovern has died
Dolphins Can Sleep One-half of Their Brain At a Time Say Researchers
Beyond Toilet Paper: How to Treat Shaving Nicks and Cuts
U.K. authorities fine, jail bloggers, tweeters, and t-shirt wearers for "speech crimes"
Black rioting if Obama loses? 
Atheism amongst political conservatives not that rare
The [U.K.] Guardian reported  considering an end to it's print edition
Gawker outs vile obnoxious Internet troll
A device that can objectively measure human consciousness  
White people rioting? Only in LA
Photos of female soldiers of the Soviet Army in WW2
Why the "Sailer Strategy" probably won't work
USC: If you hate someone your brain "sees" them differently
Walmart wants to be your bank
SCOTUS set to decide if you really do own what you buy: Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons
 NYC's air is full of dead skin cells, rubber, rust, bacteria
The American economy is creating jobs alright, but they're lousy jobs
Irony: It turns out that tinfoil hats actually enhance mind control rays
 Don't trust Wikipedia for the truth says a professor who's edit was rejected
DHS "fusion centers" mostly worthless government now admits
The paralyzing effect of superstition even on people who should know better
Salon sells The Well to its subscribers
Obama’s coming war on whitetopia
Founding father John Adams on democracy
Getting fired from Facebook cost Noah Kagan a $100m payday
What Americans thought oft having armed foreign "contractors"  in their country, circa 1776
The rise of the patent trolls: How a rogue appeals court wrecked the US patent system